Day #4, Note #2


I’ve “quit” drinking enough by now to recognize my patterns.

After I quit drinking post joining the locally popular DUI club last year, i remember I lost my appetite completely for a few weeks. This thrilled me. I’ve always been what they call….. an EATER. Haha. But after a few weeks, it came back with a vengeance, thus making up for lost time. I suppose I could also blame my marathon training for my ravenous appetite, but I would much rather point fingers at my boozy ways!

Earlier this year, when I went in for round two in the sobriety ring, it had the opposite effect. I was willing and able to consume all that crossed my path, including small children.

Ok, maybe not small children. But they were not safe around me.

Now I’m curious to see what happens this time around. The time that sticks, I pray. So far it seems my body is in dire straights to replace the buckets of sugar I was consuming the past few weeks with loads of food. And my body does NOT discriminate! Healthy, shitty, mediocre…. I’ll eat it all!

For instance, yesterday I ate an entire bag of those recently popular pre-made salads. Then followed it up with chips and hummus. Then grapes. Then a bit of chocolate. Then a huge cup of Yerba Mate with homemade almond milk.

Seems harmless enough, right?

Then I went to work and proceeded to eat heavy pasta and indulgent sweets meant only for special occasions.

Again, I suppose I could blame my fitness training (I’ve got a marathon coming up in 6 weeks), BUT I REFUSE!

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