Lessons from the grind

I am not my thoughts.

I must hold the power of the silent observer. I can become stronger than any thoughts and feelings.

When I complain, I make myself into a victim. If I choose to change something, do it without being negative about it. Drop the negativity, because actions that arise from insight are much more effective than actions arising out of negativity.

If you cannot change your ‘here and now’, then you can accept it. With the surrender and acceptance, your unhappy-self that loves feeling miserable and sorry for itself will no longer survive. Surrender is a powerful tool to revive the free-inner-self. You are free inside.

When you need a creative solution or a new idea, stop thinking and become aware.

Crisis is an opportunity to change things. You need not ignore or escape a problem, but accept it. With acceptance comes freedom.

The present is more powerful than the past.

Allow the present to be by forgiving it. Then you will not accumulate resentment that will need to be forgiven for, at a later time. Death may bring sadness, yet you can remain at peace. When relinquishing resistance, you will find peace and stillness underneath sadness. This inner-peace has no opposite. When we are accepting, we are free of the mind-resistance, thus we connect with the Being.

When in pain that cannot be overlooked, do not think of the pain. Do not think of the person or the situation that seems to have caused your pain. Do not let the mind use the pain to create a victim identity. Feeling sorry and telling it, will keep you stuck in pain. Move into the pain. Put attention to what you feel and do not label it. Be alert to your feeling, and so the light will enter. Attention is Now. No resistance, no time. Without time there is no suffering, no negativity.

Suffering is resistance. Acceptance and presence may bring God. Some people are forced into the Now after having great suffering.

– surrender.

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