Day 10. How do I explain my paradigm shift to others?


One thing I’ve realized since sobriety is …. explaining the massive shift that has occurred in my perspective, and life, is really tough to articulate.

My not drinking is simply a sign, a result, of a way bigger and more profound internal change. I’m not operating with the same brain anymore. I have a shiny new set of tools that have saved me over and over in all kinds of situations. I see the world differently now.

How does one go about explaining the amazing power of “surrender” and observing without judgement without sounding like a spiritualality nutbag? I used to be adverse to such wordage. Instead of opening my mind, I would immediately get hung up on their foofy nature. It wasn’t until I was desperate, on my knees, open and willing to try ANYTHING (after logic and will-power and rationality had failed me) to get sober.

Fortunately, I have a good handful of people who I feel like I can open up to, both about the drinking and spiritual aspect of my journey (as they are both intricately entwined). But there are others I feel aren’t capable, or ready, to process this information.

And that’s fine. I wasn’t ready at one point. Others won’t be ready. I just have to trust that my change will be felt by others. I believe they will perceive a difference in me.

And that’s how I’ll tell my new story. Through my new life.

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