Day 13. The honeymoon is fading….

Or is it?

For the first week and a half I was doing soooo great at being present, and focused, and non-judgemental, and all that jazz. But the last two days I have been such a space case, having the hardest time focusing and reeling myself back. I know it’s not always going ot be super easy and intuitive, and I accept that. The high isn’t as high as I adapt to my new existence, and that’s ok! I like my life better today than I did two, three, four weeks ago. I like the person I am today and am continuing to grow to become.

So I am thankful. Thankful that I am sober right now. Thankful that I have been sober for almost two weeks now! Thankful to have new goals in sight.

P.s. I am positively OBSESSED with my mornings now!


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