Day 22. Three week soberversary!

Three weeks sober!!

I think I’m going to buy myself a gift for my big day! A candle? New gym gear? Some sports bras? It has been an incredible journey so far with all kinds of ups and downs, but I feel so stoked to be on this path.

I went to DUI class this morning and felt a tad despondent it was my second to last. I have come to enjoy my time with Misty and really want to send her a heartfelt email about how she’s affected my perspective. A girl in group mentioned she was 48 days sober and going through an intensive recovery program. I immediately filled with compassion and also a sense of admiration for her for choosing such a unique path at her young age (23 years). I liked how she didn’t seem resentful about it. She admitted it to all of us with a sense of peace and acceptance which really rung a bell with me.

I also ran into someone who I know does NOT want to be seen there or want anybody to know about her DUI. When I saw her, surprised, and asked what she was doing there she became very anxious. I get it. I totally get it. I was there, for a LONG time. About my DUI. About my drinking. About feeling like a fuck-up. So I can empathize.

One of the things that has really given me joy and helped me through this journey has been podcasts. My tastes in podcasts have really shifted, and now I’m more into personal improvement type stuff.


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