The Time Travel Meditation. What I saw.

I just completed a meditation from the first step of the 30 day sobriety solution. Wow. What a powerful experience that was.

In the first component we time traveled into the future, a future where I was still drinking. 5 years from now. I saw myself, bags under the eyes and the sadness in my spirit. I didn’t see Karl in my vision. I’m not sure what happened with him but I can guarantee that i pushed him away. I wasn’t even close to accomplishing my dream: the adult childrens book. I never went back to school. So much that I had to look forward too never completed. Struggling with my weight. It was painful to see future Laura like that. I wanted to hug her and tell her I was sorry.

In the second component we time travelled to our future sober self. The first part was to envision ourselves a year from now. I saw myself in my wedding dress, a year of recovery already under my belt, which is how I’ve always envisioned myself at my wedding. Thriving in recovery. I’ve got the best body I’ve ever had, the strongest relationship I’ve ever had (because we both made it through this), and I’m happy. So, freakin, happy.

Then I went 5 years ahead. I saw myself in our new house. Our dog. I’ve gone back to school and I’ve just published my book. I’m holding my first hardcover in my hands. It’s amazing. My hair is really long and wavy. I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I’m starting to help other people. I’m really starting to become a role model and mentor for others.

10 years ahead was a lot harder for me to envision. All I could really see was a very fit person, and someone who has done a ton of spiritual work. I am a light being.

At the end of the meditation I floated back over all the different Lauras, and when I floated past the year from now Laura, in her white lace dress, I reached out and held her hand, and told her I would be seeing her soon. I started to shake with tears as this happened, because the vision was so powerful and so moving.


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