Day 2: Sobriety Soluton

The Before-Me. Who was I and why did I decide I needed to stop drinking?

  1. I was using alcohol to enhance almost every aspect of my life. My time with loved ones, writing, closing the restaurant, etc.
  2. The consequences of my drinking were getting worse. I had a few dings and such before, but within the same year I got demoted at work, got a DUI, and cheated on my boyfriend.
  3. I was unable to control or limit my drinking .
  4. I was hiding my drinking from others, and drinking in solitude.
  5. Even though I thought drinking enhanced my writing skills and such, deep down I knew that it was holding me back from living each day to its fullest potential.
  6. I was beginning to lose my grip with my hangover depression and anxiety.
  7. I craved alcohol around 4 pm every night, on the minute. That was the first sign of a physical addiction beginning to develop.
  8. I knew that if women don’t get a hold of their drinking by their late 20’s, they tend to really spiral downward in their 30s. I knew that this was my path if I didn’t take control of things.
  9. I didn’t like who I was when I drank. My room was messy, things were left undone, I dropped the ball with relationships and friendships, and I didn’t feel bright.
  10. I didn’t feel confident in my ability to complete things.
  11. I was anxious constantly. In the shower. In the car. I was living each day with an overwhelming sense of inadequacy. I was always stressed and overthinking things that didn’t require either.
  12. I had a bad attitude towards others. I would get annoyed about nothing (imaginary assumptions). I would self-sabatage in order to protect myself and my vulnerability. I was distant or disconnected in my relationships.
  13. Waking up each day wishing for it to be already over. Spending every waking minute dreaming of going to bed. Not being present.
  14. Feeling generally unmotivated to write or go to the gym or do any of the things that contribute to my quality of life. I felt sluggish and foggy.
  15. I was unable to manage my emotions or outlook on life.

The New-Me: Who I want to be in recovery.

  1. I am thriving in recovery. I feel certain and confident in my decision to not drink. It has become the natural choice.
  2. I wake up excited for the day. I see the beauty in the small things, take joy in mundane tasks, and feel a sense of peace. I move through the day in an effortless state of surrender.
  3. I am a steady pillar of light despite what happens around me. I don’t seek a calm life, but strive to maintain a calm light that is unwavering no matter what storms I pass pass through.
  4. I’m able to maintain consistency with my nutrition, exercise, and learning process from the Journal. I finish more analytics classes and am able to finish the biz plan and ad kit.
  5. I save so much money and am able to pay of my debt quicker than I had anticipated!
  6. I discover a sexyness and passion inside me that I once believe was only achievable through drinking.
  7. I am a thoughtful, supportive, and caring girlfriend who can be there for Karl and really make him feel seen/heard.
  8. I am a thoughtful caring friend who makes time for her friends and lets them know I’m thinking about them.
  9. I plan and execute my days/weeks with a good balance between work/play.

30 day Vision Statement:

  1. I wake up feeling excited about my recovery. It’s a recovery from drinking, but most importantly, a spiritual recovery. I live every single day with a sense of purpose and contribution, of service to others. I am treating myself, and those around me, with unconditional love. I am spilling over with gratitude. I am healthy, inside and out. I am light. I am love.

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