Day 3: The Law of Duality

I’m on day 3 of the Sobriety Solution and really trying to work the work without getting crazy distracted, which has been tough.

Today’s lesson is you can appreciate the good without the bad. I must realize that the darkness will serve a purpose in my being able to inspire and relate to others. I must also be careful with my all-or-nothing personality.

I must associate pain with my drinking since people will work twice as hard to avoid pain.

Exercise: My quit-drinking strategy. What I’ll do to overcome cravings.

  1. Since I crave in the evenings I will need to develop a routine and reward system for that time frame.
  2. I will develop an activity that excites and rewards me as much as drinking. Something to look forward to.
  3. I will attend AA meetings more regularly to surround myself with more in-person relationships.
  4. I will contribute to RE online to help and encourage others.

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