Day 5: Believing in Myself!

Day 5 in my sobriety solution plan is to believe in myself. REALLY, really believe in myself. Because you can’t accomplish anything you don’t feel in your heart and mind is possible.

I know I have to uproot and replant so many beliefs that I have. I know that my future-tripping stemmed from a place where I didn’t believe I could accomplish long-term sobriety. I relapsed many times because I didn’t believe I could be as sexy or adventurous in bed without drinking. I didn’t believe I could be as creative or outgoing without drinking.

But now, more and more, I’m realizing that I can definitely do these things!

I must, first, stop using the world CAN’T! Or SHOULD! (Speak with intention!)

Examples of when I’ve used confirmation bias with drinking:

  1. I would use famous writers and creators who had drinking problems as examples why drinking was good for creativity.
  2. I would ignore the many times sex sucked while drinking, and cling to the few good memories as confirmation bias that I was better in bed while drunk.
  3. I would look at people who were skinnier than me, or more fit, and who drank a ton, and confirm that it was possible drink a bunch and lose weight or get fit.
  4. I used examples and Lauren’s “You’re so much fun when you drink’ as confirmation bias that I’m more fun when I drink.

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