Day 6: The Outcome Solution

I just want to point out that I am once again thriving in my recovery. I am loving the present moment and as a result noticing that I’m attracting amazing opportunities. Anyways, ONWARD with the work!

Three goals that support my 30 day vision statement.

SMART goals:

Specific—who, what, and where. Be as specific as possible.
Measurable—the criteria for measuring should be clear to you and others.
Attainable—goal should stretch you while still be attainable.
Realistic—Should be willing and able to achieve goal.
Time-bound—goal should be bound to specific time frame.

  1. Goal: In a month I will be THRIVING in recovery. I will be a pillar of serenity despite the windstorms that billow and brew around me. I will have completed the 30 day Sob Solution. Every morning I will spend one hour doing the work. 30 min reading 30 writing. I will reflect and practice what I learn throughout the day.
  2. I will have paid another 1,000 dollars to my debt. This means putting away 250 each week, which is about 60 per shift if I work five shifts a week.
  3. I will have increased my deadlift by 15 lbs by the end of the month. This means eating lots of whole foods for energy, protein for muscle repair, and pushing myself in the gym. I have to go up 2.5 lbs each side each week.

Visualization of how I feel in a month:

I see myself thriving in recovery. I find joy in my mornings of doing my recovery work. They put me at peace and give me the tools I need to navigate gracefully through the day. I love helping others and connecting on Cafe RE.

I have forgiven myself, and my ego. We’ve made peace! I am gentle with myself. I no longer fear the storms of life. I am a pillar of calm no matter what gets tossed my way, and this has produced, and continues to produce, wonderful manifestations.

I’m light. In heart, mind, and….physically! I’ve lost weight! My workouts are incredible, a direct reflection of my newfound internal strength. I’m powerlifting spiritually, and this contribute to my physical progress! And my nutrition. I only want to honor my body, and give it what it needs to thrive. To help my mind thrive.

I’m present. I relish each and every moment of the day. I no longer see work as the black hole of my day, but as a place and time in which I can grow and shine and connect with others and make their day a bit brighter. To make others feel good. We all need each other, people in this world. Work is my time to shine my light.

I’m saving money! And because I’m present at work I’m making more money than I could have expected for June! I’m so grateful and blessed. I’ll be able to pay of my debt in full this summer as well as accomplish all the backpacking goals I’ve set myself to do.

This will happen by July.


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