An Unexpected Relapse. Day 8: Core Values Solution

Good day.

Day 2 today. I relapsed while I was in Reno doing my


Core Values:

being of service

Things that annoy/anger me because they betray my values:

Pyramid schemes like BeachBody annoy the crap out of me. I dislike them because I feel like they take advantage of people’s good intentions with the decietful facade that they will become wildly successful and can work from home. Why can’t they just be upfront and honest about the likelihood that they probably won’t make money (mostly spend) but can gain awesome skills for many other endeavors. I feel like it’s deceitful and pushy and inauthentic.

People who are unwilling to take accountablility for their actions, who choose to think the problem is out there.

People who don’t take care of their health, especially those who complain about it constantly without taking action.

People who I admire most:

Elizabeth Gilbert. She gives permission for us to admit our fears and shortcomings but also encourages us to never give up on our growth.

Paul Churchhill. His podcast give me the chance to feel less alone any time of the day, and led me to Cafe RE.

Brene Brown. Vulnerability.

Suzanne Roberts: I admire her brash approach to what she believes. She doesn’t pussyfoot around. She tells it like it is. She believed in me when I couldn’t do the same for myself.

Scott Craig.


Jory John: His creativity.

Allie Brosh: Hyperbole and a Half. Being vulnerable about pain in a way that is funny and relatable.

My higher self. She knows and understands me better than anyone, accepts me for who I am today, encourages and believes in me, and knows my worth.

How has my drinking contradicted my values. 

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