Ask yourself ‘Why’. Understanding my beliefs.


Why do I still find some value in drinking?

It seems that, on some level, I still believe drinking enhances me and my experiences. I want to uproot this belief, turn it on its head, but I don’t know how.

The top ten limiting beliefs that are most prevalent in my life are:

  1. Old belief: Alcohol enhances me and my experiences.
    1. New Belief: I am my best and brightest when I am fully present in the moment, a moment that is perfect in its natural un-enhanced state.
  2. Old belief: I’ll never get sober. All my past relapses are a sign I’m doomed to this cycle forever.
    1. New Belief: My past doesn’t define my present. I have learned everything I need to from my experiences in order to maintain long-term sobriety.
  3. Old Belief: I can’t trust myself
    1. New Belief: I can trust myself and am continuing to prove to myself that I can.
  4. Old Belief: Recovery won’t happen without some amazing, profound, pink-cloud-like paradigm shift.
    1. New Belief: I just have to show up for myself. There is not such thing as a perfect setting for recovery.
  5. Old Belief: Wine is elegant and sophisticated.
    1. New Belief: Standing confidently and with presence with bubbly water or water is sophisticated.

I will put energy in the new me, not the old me. I will remove my focus from what I don’t want to happen, and place it on the life I am building myself in recovery.



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