Post on RE

Got back from the wild wilderness and spent last night catching up with my boyfriend. He lives in Reno, which, for some reason, is a huge trigger for me.

I hate to be judgmental, but I can’t help but wince whenever I walk around this area. I’ve heard it called the asshole of America. Crackheads everywhere, even in the nicer up-and-coming areas, scratching and talking to themselves. Alcoholics who don’t help the under-a-bridge-with-a-40 stigma. I become overwhelmed because I both empathize with their addiction, and want to get far away from that energy as it weighs heavily on me, especially since I’m in earlyish recovery.

Don’t get me wrong. Reno is definitely up-and-coming. They’ve got this booming artsy-fartsy SF inspired hipster area. But it still has a ways to go with regard to healing as a community.

Anyways, last night we went out for this huge month-long community event called Artown. It’s a live music and art festival of sorts—very cool, very hip.

At one point we went into one of the art galleries. BAM. Huge trigger. There was a DJ spinning tracks, wine and beer being served, people in suits and dresses clinking glasses, shmoozing and discussing the art. And THAT’S the part of drinking that I miss, because that’s the side that I used to identify with. The classy, I guess semi-yuppie, drinking.

I had to remind myself, “Yeah, that’s where it starts, but we all know where it ends. Drinking more, by myself, afterwards, hiding it from my BF, wishing I had yayo (because that’s how I rolled when I got drunk, REAL classy).”

So I stepped up to the wine lady, and ordered a glass of water in the wine cup (Yeah, Jodie, I liked your trick!) Once I had it in my hand my cravings left. Funny how that works.

Then we went to check out the art. Lo and behold, the theme of the gallery that night was RECOVERY from Alcohol Addiction!

Beautiful pieces done by recovering addicts, each one accompanied with their respective stories. I teared up reading their powerful words. My stumbling into this gallery was truly a work of a HP because it was just what I needed at that moment.

I’ll have to share one of the pieces I especially loved. A woman sculpted a doll who was bound by strings and pins in her head. I could relate all too well.

Anyways, that’s me checking in! You know I prefer words over video, and this would have been a 5 minute video! LOL.

I also want to note that one upside of Reno is they have the BEST AA rooms.

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