Holding space for my recovery.

I have the entire day off!! Woo hoo!! It is a beautiful summer day and I’m excited to tackle many of the things that have been marinating on my to-do list.But first, I realize, I must hold space for my recovery. Now that I am taking the initiative to allow it be what it is, instead of always making it feel like it’s falling short compared to earlier this year, I am excited to kickstart this part of my journey.

I realize that living in a state of awareness will take practice, and it won’t always feel perfect or easy—especially around my period! Hah. But that’s fine. But I love that I don’t have to think my way to answers, that when I am focused and completely aware, the words, the answers, the right choices will float to me.  What an incredible gift of the universe!

I want to feel the beauty and wholeness of every moment. I want to float through the day in a state of ethereal surrender.

Anyways, I’ve got articles to write! But I’ll try and be back before the day’s end to check back.

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