New Book.

Cool news. I’m writing a book.

Not just any book. An adult children’s book series about recovery.

I’m pretty excited about it, as this project has been incessent on my mind for its own manifestation.

The thing is, when I was in the trenches of my addiction, getting tossed and turned by my own mind, the last thing I was contemplated was reading a book. I didn’t have the patience or capacity to sift through the density for pearls of wisdom that would inspire radical change or make me feel understood. I

As an active alcoholic, I was crippled in my coping mechanisms. Quitting drinking scared me, and every step towards recovery presented itself like the great wall of china: daunting. Why did it all seem so complicated?

My path to recovery was a series of small steps. Like many alcoholics out there, I isolated with my shame and guilt, hiding behind a happy face so nobody would worry, while secretly pondering how the hell I was going to pay for rehab. I couldn’t stop drinking, and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to seek help in privacy. I wasn’t ready for AA or anything that involved face-to-face interaction. So, I downloaded podcast. Which then led me to joining an online support group. Each baby step empowered me to take the next big step.

In that time, I realized some important factors.

  1. Accessibility – Podcasts, online groups; they are there at the touch of your screen. Being able to access these tools (instead of waiting for a meeting, etc) at any time is crazy helpful.
  2. Privacy – Look. I wasn’t READY to show my face at an AA meeting. Or with a therapist.
  3. Humor – Seeing others approach their recovery with humor and lightness always inspired me the most. The ones who could talk about the worst of times with a joke. I really believe humor opens minds (someone ready for their friend) and heals (those who serve it up).
  4. Feeling understood – This is so insanely powerful. Just knowing you are not alone in your plight is an incredible weight off the shoulders.
  5. Intimacy – This ties into feeling understood. When people get raw and real it feels incredibly intimate, like glimpsing into another’s soul.

I want this series to be one of the many baby steps someone takes towards changing their lives. I want people to have fun reading it. I want it to be easy to digest. I want to connect with people authentically, to make them feel seen and understood and loved without having them dig through content. I want to exemplify that talking about addiction and recovery doesn’t have to be heavy, that it can also be fun and liberating.

I know I will be eternally grateful for all the incredible writers that inspired me to keep going and to laugh along the way. I hope to pass that on

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